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Week hand to count the average transaction YBY Boxes is delivering cheap die cut boxes of 2610, the new capital of only 1. 465 billion US dollar short. That withdrawal of 3. 062 billion US dollar to 1. 597 billion US dollar short of YBY Boxes is offering cheap die cut boxes remaining on the sidelines why? On behalf of blue chip market’s CSI 300 Index fell after a series inevitably lead to more financial concerns. While the short to worry about, perhaps unexpected rebound. Although the 1205 contract bull very pessimistic, but the new contract have shown that the main 1206 long have reversed signs of confidence from the bottom. 1206 contract this week, two days before the long Mansoura efforts were less than short, but by Wednesday, the situation has changed. 1206 increase 2899 contract Wednesday long hand, although only slightly more than 217 short-hand, but this is the first customized die cut boxes from YBY Boxes in the near future. ? YBY Boxes Ye Miao 17 date refers to the main contract was up 34. 8 points, or 1. 35 percent, has dropped 15 minutes late. Judging from the disk, while undergoing a rally the day, but did not completely reverse the pessimistic atmosphere. There are three noteworthy phenomenon: two YBY Boxes provides customized printing buy Die Cut packing boxes with free shipping premium status one 1205 contract and 1206 contract continued, but the discount rate decreased, showing confidence recovered slightly in many ways; the second is from the positions of view, there has been inflow of total positions Game enthusiasm YBY Boxes is offering cheap die cut boxes increased slightly. Ranking positions shows the main long and short positions are shifting mainly empty main square end of the previous trend of sharp departure; the third is today refers to the period for delivery, from the 1205 contract premium status, the delivery date or multi-occupied advantage. Multi-confidence has been restored YBY Boxes is manufacturing low cost die cut boxes index futures closed down on May 17, IF1205 month contract closed at 2603. 2 points, compared with the previous day’s settlement YBY Boxes is delivering cheap die cut boxes rose 34. 8 points, or 1. 35 percent, up to 2613 points, down to 2568. 6 points; IF1206 month contract closed at 2607. 6 points, up 34. 8 points, or 1. 35%; quarter IF1209 month contract closed at 2630. 2 points, up 31. 6 points, or 0. 54%; partition quarter IF1212 contract closed at 2656. 4 points, up 25 points, or 0. 95 percent. From the external environment, the cheap die cut boxes