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Affordable umrah & hajj Package for 2017 For families in London with Flights, Hotels, Visa and Transportation Part of China’s economic development has made important contributions, but also an important business areas of China’s financial industry. But, really, we should see if an economy dependent on the real estate industry is too heavy, if the financial sector to the real estate loan exposure to risk too much, once the real estate problems, could have caused a disaster for the economy as a whole or even the entire financial sector China of destruction. Among the last financial crisis, many of which are due to the real estate bubble finally burst, causing major damage to the economy and finance. That is why we attach great importance to the healthy development of China’s property market concerned, but also take a lot of financial measures, as far as possible to control the real estate market bubble, and promote the healthy development of the real estate industry. As regulators, we also suggest that the banking industry should focus on the development of the real estate market, pay attention to controlling the risks of real estate before long. So far, about 20 percent of China’s real British umrah providers 2017 for family with Visa, flight and Transportation one is true, in line with the essence of the future strategic development. 0 comments State Council Information Office in 2014 6? 6? (Friday). Held a press conference at the Office of the State Council Information Office press release, please vice chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission Wang Hoaxing financial support the real economy and the effectiveness of initiatives, etc. situation and answered reporters’ questions. Financial Times reporter: I know that China’s real estate there are some problems, and the situation is likely to get worse, you have some relevant data, is now banking on some kind of real estate mortgages and loans data. In addition, if the situation gets worse, then real estate, what kind of impact will bring China’s banking and financial markets? Wang Hoaxing: China’s current real estate market is not a serious bubble, will not have the real estate bubble burst or collapse appeared at home and abroad have this analysis and media attention. First, I want to emphasize that the real estate is among China’s economic development process is an important